The Art of Losing

Losing Trust — A poetry challenge.

Judith Uusi-Hakimo


Two people holding hands. The woman facing towards the sea, looking out to the horizon.
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When tagged by the poet Mustapha El Hajj for the poetry challenge “The Art of Losing”; I felt rather sad because it brought back a range of emotions when losing something so important. Here mine goes:

Losing Trust

Losing my trust was like death inside
A feeling I never wanted to abide
My heart beating faster, yet not alive
My soul screaming out, but I stand so still

My dreams shattered and my hopes all gone
The pain of betrayal, a debt I wouldn’t own
My emotions running wild, but I couldn’t cry
A broken heart beating with no lullaby

Your lies were the dagger that pierced my core
You had me believing what you said before
My faith in you had been misplaced
And our relationship began to waste

No more were the days of smiles and laughter
Our conversations are matter-of-fact chatter
The happiness that once filled the air
Replaced by pain, knowing trust is no longer there

My emotions were battered and bruised
The joys of trusting you, I have since refused
I thought we had something strong and real
But instead, the pain of betrayal is just surreal

Trust is one of life’s greatest gifts
But when misused, it can cause us to rift
Relationship dies or becomes very weak
For without trust, life will be so bleak

My heart is still beating with no lullaby
As my soul continues to question why
The pain of betrayal I still feel today
As a reminder, when losing trust comes into play



Judith Uusi-Hakimo

A Nurse by profession. A mother of three and a wife of one. A storyteller and an aspiring writer.