The Wonders of Sports And Your Teenagers

The benefits sports can provide to teenagers and their overall development.

Judith Uusi-Hakimo


Young teenage girls playing soccer.
Photo by Anil Sharma:

Remember the good feeling and excitement you felt when you were playing sports? Yes, it does wonders for your health, both physically and mentally.

If you have children, you'd want them to experience that same feeling and enjoy all the benefits sports bring.

Playing sports is integral to growing up, primarily until the teenage years. The benefits of playing sports go beyond physical activity. It can help build confidence in teens and give them a sense of accomplishment.

Playing sports allows them to gain important life lessons while providing a platform for mental growth and enhanced physical fitness.

Whether through competitive leagues or recreational activities among friends, getting involved in sporting activities is essential for teenage development.

Parents can prioritize (if their financial situation allows them) to enroll or engage their children in a sport they like from a very young age.

Remember, not the sport you like but your children like and want to do. Don't force them to do a sport they dread returning to training. Find a sport they will enjoy and love doing.

Go to "tryouts" until your child finds the right one. You'll know if they like it because they won't stop talking about it in the car. Their excitement will reach through the roof, and they'll look forward enthusiastically to the next time they train and play matches.

The internet has contributed to increased sedentary lifestyles in children and adults alike. As parents know, social media has become a big part of teenagers' lives, and the best way to help them shift focus is to have something else to do rather than scrolling their phones in their spare time.

If you want your child to stop scrolling their gadgets, make sure you have an alternative thing for them to do.

As a parent of three, I can attest that the results of engaging your teenagers in sports are invaluable. My children benefited from playing sports. It has positively…



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